Cigarette alternatives – Vape & Shisha Pen Reviews

Overall Experience With Cigarette Alternatives Like Shisha Pens

For years, I looked at cigarette alternatives to try and break my worst habit. I can’t tell you I took them seriously for the most part. I did try one of the early electronic cigarettes with gusto at one point. I also tried to quit smoking several times in general. All attempts were short-lived. Fast-forward several years, and I tried the more modern vaping devices that are available.

This time, I was successful. As a matter of fact, I would have to say it was quite easy. I’m still addicted to nicotine, but I have now quit smoking for over two months. I can tell that this time I am done for good. Since I quit and switched to vaping, I have been attempting to taper down on the nicotine.

Vaping Devices

At first, I was using a small vaping device that takes cartridges with built-in coils. These disposable cartridges had 15 miligrams of nicotine per mililiter. In order to start tapering down off the nicotine after quitting smoking, I switched to another device and had my liquids mixed at a local vape shop.

You can vape flavors of all kinds. Immediately after quitting smoking, I started noticing the differences in how I felt. I felt and feel now much healthier than before, and the changes continue to compound. Granted, I would eventually like to give up vaping, as it is its own addiction. I am just glad that I am no longer a smoker.

Different levels of nicotine

After switching to the other device, I decided on a nicotine level of 10 miligrams per mililiter. Then I subsequently went down to 7, 5, 3 and finally 1 over the course of about a month. I went pretty fast, and after a couple of weeks at 1, I went back to 5. It wasn’t that I absolutely had to have 5, but it was the cost. I was going through the 60 mg bottles of eliquid in about 2 days.

E-Shisha shop prices

Some people at the E shisha shop were telling me they do the same thing. I was fine with the liquid and what I was doing, except for two things. There was the price as I mentioned, and I also was hitting the vape rather hard, killing the coils too quickly. Therefore, I knew it was time to up the nicotine a little and take my time on the way back down. Still, after finding one of the more modern cigarette alternatives, I have quite for good and am on my way to stopping vaping eventually, too.